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Steps To Start School

First I would like to say that The Angry Pharmacist’s Blog inspired me to create this one. She has a ton of insight on the real world in Pharmacy.

I have went up to the college a few times to get my financial aid in order. I have been selected for verification so I have to submit a whole bunch of documents. It really is a waste of time since when I submit my FAFSA, it should only be accepted if it is accurate. Do they not check it then? I also regret when I was 18 I withdrew from some classes since I was working fulltime and at that time was too immature to understand how to balance my school and work. I now know that I need to have open communication with both sides and be upfront with my schedule for both parties. I am honestly nervous about that question coming up when I apply for Pharmacy School.

I go up to the school on Tuesday, March 19th to register and show evidence that I had the expensive ass meningitis vaccine. I have my Gold Card (Harris County Health System Low Income Insurance) and the doctor offices do not have the vaccine at all because it is so expensive ($133.99 at Walgreens). I am lucky that I have my mother who was willing to shell out another good chunk of money to support my dream. It really should be available anywhere since this vaccination is now required by law. Of course they don’t. My school will not even allow you to use financial aid for the vaccine because you have to have the vaccine before you even register and in order to get financial aid you have to first…register. I just don’t understand it at all.

It was never this difficult to go to school before.


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